When is it better to run - before or after a workout?

The treadmill does not have to be the “highlight of the program”; it can also be a supplement to basic strength training.

What is the best way to combine the two types of exercise? In what sequence should they be alternated?

Combining cardio and strength training: recommendations

To begin with, let’s recall the fundamental differences between exercising on a treadmill and, say, on a “butterfly”.

Cardio provides the development of endurance (by training the cardiovascular and respiratory system), and at the same time helps burn fat deposits.

Strength training allows you to strengthen your muscles, but also contributes significantly to weight loss by speeding up anabolic processes for a long time.

There are several things to keep in mind:

too long runs of the non-interval type stimulate catabolism, slowing down the build-up of muscle tissue;
it is possible to build up muscles by running (sprints in particular), but only with a correct technique;
losing weight by cardio alone is unacceptable in any case – correction of nutrition should be prioritized.

Jogging at the beginning

Professional athletes and experienced bodybuilders usually do not run before strength training.

People who already have a good body condition and exercise to maintain it (e.g., military personnel, power lifters, etc.) usually prefer to start with jogging.

For beginners, getting on the track immediately upon arriving at the gym is worthwhile except for a couple of minutes – for a warm-up run at a slow pace. Too active start will quickly exhaust a beginner. At the first power exercise he will have spots floating in front of his eyes.

Treadmill after your workout

The option of “cardio after strength training” is much more versatile.

It is justified at least because while performing strength exercises it is possible to use up glycogen reserves – during running the body immediately has to consume long-term fat reserves.

The main thing is to calculate your possibilities correctly. It is necessary not to save too much energy in the first part of the exercise, but still leave yourself the strength to run.

To conclude the article, some athletes prefer not to mix cardio and strength training, but to do them on different days.

This method has significant advantages: anabolic and catabolic processes do not overlap, and muscles have time to recover.