In betting, we are forced to make many decisions. We choose which sport to follow, what types of bets to place, and how much money to spend. But first, it’s important to decide why we want to do it in the first place. The question may seem complicated, but there are really only two possible answers. We either have fun or we bet to make a profit.

Is betting a living or entertainment?

Many people mistakenly believe that online sports betting gives two in one – entertainment and profit. In fact, they are not two different approaches.

Have you ever sat down to watch a soccer game on TV and decided to bet to make the game more entertaining? Or bet on a tennis player because he’s your favorite? Or supported your country’s soccer team because you feel patriotic? It’s all betting for fun. Don’t be fooled, these bets won’t bring you a steady income. But they do provide vivid emotions.

But it’s different when it comes to betting for a living. There is no room for patriotism and personal biases. In fact, it’s hard work – you will have to constantly read analytics, study strategies, and make sober decisions. But in the long run, you can make a more or less stable income.

Betting for funBetting to make money
We only watch the games we likeWe are looking for games with the most favorable conditions for our strategy
You can place bets when you feel like it or when your favorite team is playingYou need to keep a clear eye on the schedule so you don’t miss any profitable appointments
We are not interested in profit, the main thing is to keep track of expendituresYou need to clearly track mistakes and losses, analyze them, correct the strategy
We bet with our hearts – on our favorite team or countryGuided by a sober calculation

Betting for fun

To make betting even more fun, try our tips.

  1. Make a fixed budget of how much you are willing to lose.
  2. Don’t bet too much on any one game, even if you 100% believe the team will win.
  3. Focus on sports you enjoy watching.
  4. Don’t bet too much. You can put limits for yourself: for example, make no more than 10 bets a month or spend no more than 500 dollars
  5. Experiment with different types of bets. This will bring a new experience. Bookmakers now offer several hundred options for one match, as well as a betting constructor option, when you choose your own terms.
  6. Try betting in real time. This brings more thrill to the experience.
  7. Learn a basic strategy.
  8. Don’t worry about your results, because you came to relax, not to make money.

The first item on this list is by far the most important. If you decide to follow only one of our tips, let this be it. Decide how much money you’re willing to risk losing, and make sure that amount won’t affect the comfort of your life. Never spend more than what is budgeted. If you start losing large amounts of money, then betting on sports will stop being enjoyable.

It’s okay to lose. Losing too much is not. Keep your gambling under control and stick to your budget.

Betting to make money

Is it realistic to make money from betting? Yes, many people do it and get a steady income. But it is well-deserved money. In order to earn it, bettors spend a lot of time on training, learn to control themselves and calmly accept mistakes.

Do not believe scammers who sell supposedly “one hundred percent” match predictions or “match-fixing plusses” for money. This is a scam for those who believe in easy money.

In fact, even the most experienced sports expert can’t give a 100% guarantee of a prediction. He is not a seer and not a sorcerer. Yes, much in sports is based on analysis. But there are situations when athletes show an unexpected result.

Contractual matches are another myth for beginners and fans of conspiracy theories. To date, there has not been any evidence that such matches exist. And even if the teams sometimes agree on something between them secretly, it is unlikely they would share these secrets with Internet users to earn a couple hundred hryvnias.

If a player is ready to learn the intricacies of betting and wants to make money, then the tips will be universal. Before making a bet, it is necessary to sort out the upcoming match. It is a big analysis, which takes into account everything – team statistics, current physical and mental condition, lineups, the importance of the match, weather, venue, etc.

Analysis takes an average of 3-6 hours, depending on your experience. So in the beginning, be prepared to devote a whole day to your hobby. If you are ready, there are plenty of sources for training on the Internet. These include all sorts of seminars, theory books, expert advice, and so on. We wish you good luck in this difficult but fascinating business.